Lena Venable

Web development

MORE UX and product design projects this way >>>

This is a sample of projects I made as a Galvanize student Sep 2017 - Feb 2018. They were completed in 5-10 days.

You can see my client-facing & product design work here.

React with Redux, Firebase database and authentication


Screenshot inbox

Helps parents find childcare providers

  • Users can search for daycare providers with a zipcode
  • Users can filter their search
  • Results are displayed on a map and as a list view
  • Users can view pop up and detailed views of results
  • Users can add results to their favorites

Fullstack review app with authorization and authentication


Screenshot Grumble

Group project with separate views for admin and multiple users.

  • Users can add and edit reviews of snacks
  • Admins can add, edit and remove snacks and users
  • Log in and Sign up
  • Dynamic templating depending on user
  • Built with Bulma CSS

PS. For login, try bb@gmail.com, password bilbo (user) or gg@gmail.com, password gandalf (admin)

About Me

I’m the front-end developer who really understands user experience and can fiddle with the back-end. I could also be an extraordinarily tech savvy UX designer or UI developer, depending on what the project requires. I’m used to wearing many hats and getting stuff done, I have a solid understanding of product development cycle from design to testing and deployment.

I'm really good at the following:

  • React with Redux
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • NodeJS & asynchronous database queries
  • RESTful & JSON APIs
  • Git, GitHub, JIRA
  • CSS frameworks with or without Sass
  • Content Management Systems
  • Agile workflow
  • Knowing what makes users happy

+ making awkward puns in five languages &
cross-breeding novelty curcubits (mostly unintentionally).


Spelling App

  • Users gain emojis by learning to spell them and then use them to play with short stories
  • Group project
  • Auth 0 login


Calendar app

Screenshot calendar
  • Dynamically draws and populates calendar cells
  • Uses local storage to save and load data
  • Has a responsive cell structure

JS & Google Maps API

"Put a Pin on It"

Screenshot tracker

Fullstack web app to display information gathered from a wearable tracker.

  • displays user-logged locations on a map interface
  • connects to a server and a database with Ajax
  • MVC architecture
  • Bootstrap

NodeJS & PostgreSQL

"Put a Pin on It" -tracker backend

Screenshot tech stack

Data gathered from a wearable clicker button goes through an Android app and a Google Sheet IFTTT recipe to a PostgreSQL database.



Screenshot inbox

Mimics the functionality of a real inbox.

  • Users can select messages individually or at once
  • Buttons change state according to selections
  • Unread messages count
  • Users can mark messages read/unread & starred/unstarred, and add and remove tags
  • Connects to the database via an API

Fullstack Single Page Ajax App

"Write it down"

screenshot write

Users can write, edit and delete notes that appear on a randomized background with a custom font. Stores data in JSON object. Built with Bulma CSS framework.


"Element Science"

screenshot Element_Science

Custom implementation of Wordpress theme


"Atma Connect"

screenshot Atma Connect

Custom implementation of Wordpress theme



screenshot Kushi

Custom implementation of Wordpress theme